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  • Book a mini session before February 1st to get your photos ready to give on February 14th. A mini sessions is $20 (per person) , 20-30 minutes with the photographer and you will get two 5x7 prints -
  • This beautiful time of year in Central Illinois goes by too fast.   Before you know it, it will be brown on brown outdoors to match those khaki hunting outfits and we will be putting away Hallowe
  • Some beautiful weather here in Central Illinois.   Being dry & dusty can really make you appreciate the rains.   With temps in the 70s it almost feels like fall!   Time to book fa
  • There are openings on the schedule for the next few weeks - not too late to get a surprise photo for Mom.   Mini sessions (30 min one time session) for $20 until May 15 include at 5x7 for mom!
  • I don't often remember an Easter weekend with such promising weather here in Central Illinois.   Grab those cameras for the egg hunting and new Easter outfits and family gatherings!    





Susan has been creating beautiful and intriguing photographs since 1981. She is a native of the southwest, but now resides in Central Illinois. Capturing the details of each subject is her special interest.

'While any number of people can look at the same person, place or thing, what they absorb and appreciate from those images can be individual and unique. Capturing that image on film and displaying it in print allows the viewer the gift of time to review more details and ignition or enhancement of memories.

Georgia O’Keefe’s work of flowers has always appealed to me because the simplicity of the single subject filling one space encourages appreciation of the details of that subject. I also admire Imogene Cunningham's versatility and use of black and white images to highlight details.

As a native of the southwest, I yearned for the green growth of nature. The miracle of creation in the tiniest bud and the veins of a leaf thrill me. Light and texture are like icing on the cake.

In my botanical images, I attempt to capture the beauty of nature and the details that make up each subject. These natural subjects are all found here, in Central Illinois. There is an endless selection of nature combined with light and textures surrounding us. In this body of work, my goal was to manipulate the image in some manner from the most common presentation in order to draw the viewer a bit closer to the work - enhancing it to draw them closer - to see a detail - to appreciate a bit of wonder from the world.'


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