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  • Book a mini session before February 1st to get your photos ready to give on February 14th. A mini sessions is $20 (per person) , 20-30 minutes with the photographer and you will get two 5x7 prints -
  • This beautiful time of year in Central Illinois goes by too fast.   Before you know it, it will be brown on brown outdoors to match those khaki hunting outfits and we will be putting away Hallowe
  • Some beautiful weather here in Central Illinois.   Being dry & dusty can really make you appreciate the rains.   With temps in the 70s it almost feels like fall!   Time to book fa
  • There are openings on the schedule for the next few weeks - not too late to get a surprise photo for Mom.   Mini sessions (30 min one time session) for $20 until May 15 include at 5x7 for mom!
  • I don't often remember an Easter weekend with such promising weather here in Central Illinois.   Grab those cameras for the egg hunting and new Easter outfits and family gatherings!    


Senior steps to a great photo session you'll be happy to

share with friends and family for years!


First step:     Review this website and look under portrait heading, click on that and then click

                      on Seniors & Families.    Look at the face book page for Fresh Air Photography.

                      Be sure to 'like' the page.   This 'like' gives you a $10 credit on your photo order!

                      While reviewing this site, look at the prices tab.    These are prices for the ala

                      carte images that you can purchase instead of a senior package or in addition to



Step:              Check out senior photos on Pinterest, in magazines.   File those ideas you like.

                       Talk with your Mom or Dad, or whomever is going to help you pay for the 

                       session and portrait images.    They will have ideas they like, too.   They might

                      know that your grandmother would be happier with a headshot in your dressier 

                      clothes.   All of this is part of 'the plan' to customize your session to get it the

                      way you want it!



Step:             Call me, Susan, at 309-275-5777 or email me at Susan@Fresh-airphotography,com

                                    This contact allows us to  get an idea of where we want our plan for your

                      personalized senior session to go.   I'll have some questions to send you that will

                     get specific information of what you want included in your photos - your car,

                     sport outfits, hobbies, books, a prom dress or your old ball cap.


                                  We have several options in taking your photos.   We can take them in the photography

                     studio in the basement of my home.   There, we have props and chairs and many

                     different backdrops with endless lighting options.    On our property we have woods,

                     shade trees, areas to sit or lean or walk outside.   I can get you down to the river if 

                     you want that water element.   We can also discuss any special place you want some

                    of your photos taken.    Horse farm, flower gardens, old buildings/grunge, on the 

                    sport field of your choice.    You may bring as many clothing changes as you want.  I

                   will send you some suggestions for clothing, hair, makeup.    Not rules, just suggestions.



Step:          Choose a day that will work best for you and a few alternative dates.   Let me get you

                   booked into the schedule.     I plan at least 2 hours.   It usually goes by very quickly and

                   it is not at all painful....even fun!    In mid/late summer I suggest early morning or in

                  the evening so we can catch the outside light at its best without dripping sweat and 

                  squinting from the high sun.



Step:         Once we choose a date and time that works for you, to hold the date there is a $45

                 session fee.   Once you have photos taken, this $45 is applied to your senior packages

                 or ala carte print orders.  At that time I will send you a listing of the packages 

                 available, as well as the ala carte prices.



Step:        After the shoot, it takes about a week for me to edit & select the best images.    I do some 

                 basic clean up (ie cropping, color adjustments, etc) before I put them online on this

                 website for you to view.   I will give you a password for this.    At this time I will also

                send you a link for an icon & album which gives a slideshow of your images.    

                You can share  this icon and album with your friends and family.    At that time we 

                choose a date for you and your parent/s to come to the studio to look at  the images

                          in a final version digital format and make your selections for prints, wall portraits.

               We also can order your images on coffee mugs for grandpa, accordian pocket size

              albums, on canvas or metal.   Lots of options!  




Frequently Asked Questions



1.   Why don't you have your senior packages listed here?

      My print prices are a good price to get ala carte prints.   The Senior Packages are  groupings

      which commonly cover the 'package' of images that seniors order.   There are three levels.

      Each level includes 'bonus items' that you cannot order unless you take that package.   In

      order to stay competitive, I feel it is information you need to know once you have decided

     we will work well together and you have selected Fresh Air Photography for your senior

     photo session.


2.   Why can't I just buy the digital files so I can get prints wherever I want and as many as I 


      Traditionally, professional photographers on film.    They kept the negatives and sold prints.

      This is how a photography business is run.   It is very important to me, as the artist, that

      I have a professional Lab, whom I have a good working relationship with, print your images.

      If I do not believe the color does not turn out accurately, if the images is cropped wrong on a

     page, or any number of small issues that make the difference between an ok print from a

     local superstore for a lower price or a quality, well printed image done by highly trained

     printers in a lab that guarantees its work.    I want my work to be shown the best and I want

     you, the customer, to own quality Wall prints and gift prints and other printed products.

     That is how I make an income and for that I want you to have the best images.

     Having said that, in the package deal, there is a price point at which you will have the

     opportunity to purchase a small number of high resolution files.   (The files I give you online

    and in the album for smart phone and tables are low resolution and small size not suitable for



3.   Can you bring a friend along - of course.    Bring your own music - that is fine, too,   We

     might have the opportunity for a little video shoot to add into the package.


4.   Do my parents have to come.    That is between you two.   We can certainly shoot without

      them but it is nice sometimes to have a person who knows you well to spot any inconsistencies

      we might not see.   And, if they are helping to finance your photo session, they might want to

      see just what all we get done.


5.   More questions?   Please just shoot me an email or call 309 275 5777.